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Isabel Castro

"One of the most brilliant professionals I had the opportunity to work with. He has an amazing analytical skill - not only to analyze different market perspectives but also to people, going the extra mile by providing coaching and mentorship. I would definitely recommend this to all of my friends.”

MBA 2018, Purdue, (Brazil)

Mason Gordon

"When I am feeling conflicted about a career situation, I can always count on Tiger Careers to ask insightful, thought-provoking questions. They don't simply provide advice, but instead lead me to my own solutions I couldn't find myself."

Rushville High School, 2015, Indiana FFA Vice President, (USA)

Chris Thomas

“Our management team benefitted from Noel’s insights and coaching on how engage our staff members.  He offered simple, practical but very impactful tips. One thing that was beyond my expectations was his ability to pick up on different leadership styles of my individual managers and help them in ways that were personalized to their style.  Through the sessions, we were able to identify common goals and became a more cohesive team.”

General Manager-Kona Grill Restaurant, (USA)

Gather Borirackujarean

Personally, my mentors have given me valuable insight and advice that has allowed me to improve my resume, more effectively lead a student organization and create a structured plan for personal and professional development."

BS Industrial Engineering, 2018, Purdue, (Thailand)

Ting Han

Since college, I’ve been engaged with and benefited from career coaching and mentorship. While it’s important to own my career, this partnership has helped me better understand who I am, what I am passionate about, how to get there and how to continuously grow into a better leader.

Wharton MBA, 2011, Global Marketing (China)

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