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High School Students

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?


Do you want to spend $100’s of thousands without your son/daughter having clarity on WHAT they want to study and WHY?

How can we help?

We provide insights & coaching to high school students to help them determine the best field of study based on their interests, skills, and passions and then put together a plan to help them pursue their goals.

The PREPP Approach

PREPP is our comprehensive approach that enables high school students have a clear path to a successful career and a bright future.


understand past experiences, current interests and future goals & plans.


investigate 3-5 possible career areas (professions, education requirements, & opportunities)


develop & apply personalized criteria to prioritize options from research phase


create a detailed plan of action that can be implemented achieve personal goals


apply and gain acceptance into schools & programs that will contribute to a successful career

Tiger Careers partnered with Marian University to develop and deliver Career Development curriculum & workshops, utilizing the The PREPP Approach, as part of the university's Latino Leadership Initiative for 50 college mentors & their high school mentees.

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