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Do you want to ensure you have a job upon graduation?


Do you want to ensure that ALL the money you’re spending on college is being spent most effectively?

How can we help?

We provide insights and coaching to college students to help them secure their ideal full-time position upon graduation.

The CASE Approach

The CASE Approach includes Career Analysis, a Strategy on how to achieve their goals and an Execution plan that can be implemented to ensure success.

career analysis

review skills, experiences, interests, priorities, and challenges to develop career goals.



develop a clear and impactful strategy / action plan to achieve career goals



implement action plan with support and coaching from Tiger Careers

Tiger Careers careers partnered with Techpoint, an Indianapolis based non-profit organization, to develop and deliver Career Planning & Performance Coaching workshops for XTERN, Techpoint's internship program that places 200+ undergraduate students with Indiana tech employers.

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