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of employers rate

Cross Cultural Competency

as the MOST important skill they want from business school graduates."

*Source: GMAC, 2023 Corporate Recruiters Snapshot

Prepare your leaders, staff & students for global success!

We help leaders, leadership teams, staff and even students to more effectively work and lead across cultures, as our student population becomes increasingly global and business opportunities span the world. Our impact focuses on:


Building Awareness of Cultural Differences


How to Work & Lead Across Cultures


How to Coach & Engage Across Cultures

How We Help

Let Tiger Careers help you and your teams with:

Student & Staff Workshops

Consulting Engagements

1-on-1 Coaching

Cultural Assessment Tools

Tiger Careers partnered with the International Center to provide cross-cultural & executive coaching to international employees at firms across Indiana.


Tiger Careers was also invited to develop & deliver the James T Morris Global Leadership Series, a 5-month program aimed at developing a statewide cohort of 20-25 participants per year from multiple sectors, including corporate, education, government, and non-profit.

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